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Firstly – a warm welcome from South Africa! With many years experience in all aspects of making travel arrangements we still get a sense of excitement and satisfaction as we plan your personal, unique visit to Southern Africa. Rather than compete with the standard – our aim is to set it for our clients.

We are a family business with highly skilled and qualified people.

In consultation with you our goal is to plan the safari you dream of; Africa is an experience that may well change you forever.

Many of our clients describe their time here on safari as being a deeply spiritual experience. One thing we can assure you of is a journey that will result in extraordinary memories keeping you warm for a lifetime.

The people, their cultures, the wildlife, the majestic wilderness, the endless expanse of savannah with the wind stirring through the grass like a living thing, the silence that becomes a refuge from the clamour of the world’s urban battlefields – all this and so much more become instantly accessible to you as we take you in style and comfort into the heart of Africa.

Whether you are planning a safari or a perfect corporate getaway call us now.